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Christ Tree Topper - OFFICIAL SITE

A Family-Owned
Small Business

In 2000, while decorating a Christmas tree with my young family, I realized that we were short a Christmas tree topper, so I took two of my excited little daughters down to the store with me to help choose a new one. To my surprise and dismay, there were only two choices and we didn't like either one. What surprised me more is this was not a small store; They had a lot of Christmas decorations, just not tree toppers. On our way home, I pondered a thought "If I could have anything I wanted on top of our tree what would I want?"

Arriving home to my wife empty handed, I told her "I'm sorry honey. They really didn't have much of anything and I didn't want to get something we wouldn't like." Without yet coming to a decision as to what I would want, it suddenly occurred to me and I blurted out "Traditionally there is the star and the angel, but if Christmas is about Christ, why doesn’t anyone have a Jesus Christ Christmas tree topper?" I gave thought as to why this would be, then continued with "All we ever see around the holidays are images of baby Jesus, and yes we are celebrating His birth, but when it's our birthday we don't display pictures of when we were a baby. What a nice reminder it would be to have Jesus looking down at us from the top of our tree, illuminating the room with His Light... the Light of the World."

This is how it began. I could already see in my head how it should look, and years later, after many struggles and improvements, I've finally brought my dream and vision of the Illuminated Christ Christmas Tree Topper to pass. Early on, myself and others decided a light up Christ statuette could be something enjoyed year round, so we designed the table stand to go with it.

Christ Christmas Tree Topper on Christmas Tree

Tim and Tim Jr. unveiling the Christ Tree Topper for the first time in Cincinatti, Ohio.